Dr. Ruchi Rastogi is the Founder & Director of Bblessed School of Occult Sciences, where she teaches students of all ages and backgrounds the healing power of Tarot Cards, Vaastu, Astrology, Numerology and various healing modalities.

Courses offered:

1)Tarot Cards

a) Beginner Level
b) Professional Level
c) Tarot Spells & Candle Magik

2) Oracle Cards

a) Certificate Course

3) Numerology

a) Beginner Level
b) Professional Level

4) Reiki:

a) Level I & II
b) Level III (A)
c) Master Healer

6) Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing

a) Certificate Course

7) Remedies

a) Certificate Course

Our courses are designed with a practical approach to the subject which helps the students practice professionally soon after they complete the course. We have a team of certified professionals working with us who constantly work towards our goal.

1.)Tarot Basic level

2.)Tarot Advanced Level

3.)Magickal Tarot

4.)Angel Healing


6.)Reiki Healing

7.)Aura Healing & Crystal Therapy



1.) Tarot Card Reading:

An age old practice of counselling (guiding) a seeker to choose a path. It completely relies on seeker’s own intuition/subconscious to draw out cards that connect with his/her mind and spirit. A reading does not necessarily predict future but it empowers the seeker to peer into his soul and create awareness of his inner self, enabling him to make enlightened choices in life.

Tarot card reading, Basic level: A basic level course in Tarot card reading prepares you for performing readings for yourself, friends and family and your clients.

Course curriculum:

1. Introduction to Tarot Cards & Its Uses

2. History & Journey of Tarot Cards

3. How does Tarot work?

4. Structure & Classification of Tarot Cards

5. Relationship between 5 Elements & Tarot Cards

6. Energising, Shuffling & Protecting your Tarot Cards

7. How to frame Questions & do readings

8. Tarot Spreads

9. Remedies with Tarot


2.) Tarot Card Reading Advanced:

This course is designed to help you delve deeper in your Tarot journey where you will learn the different dimensions of Tarot in relation with Vedic Astrology, Numerology and much more.

Course curriculum:

1. Tarot cards, their origin, history and journey

2. How tarot works.

3. Tarot Cards and their connection with Five elements and Chakras

4. Symbolism and Colours in Tarot cards

5. Tarot Myths & Facts

6. Major Arcana – Indian Folklores and Shlokas

7. Minor Arcana Meaning

8. Astrological vedic correspondence with Tarot

* Horoscope & Houses

* Signification of Houses & their Characteristics

* Zodiac Sign & their Association with Tarot

* Planets & their Association with Tarot

* Planets in Different Houses Prediction

* Yogas

* Dashafal

* Divisional Charts Spreads

* Sade Sati, Mangalik, Kaal Sarp yog

* Namkaran using Nakshatras

9. Numerological correspondence with Tarot Cards

* Numerological predictions using Tarot cards

* Karmic Cards

* Master Destiny Cards

* Lo Shu Grid Analysis

* Personality, Kuan, Destiny & Personal year calculation using Tarot Cards

* Time period, Mahurat calculation with Cards

* Missing number remedies

10. Spreads

11. Remedies – Astrological, Numerological, and general

12. Charging cards and removing negative energies.

13. Tarot Meditation

14. Case Studies


3.) Magickal Tarot:

This course teaches you about the power of manifestation by using your Tarot cards and simple kitchen items to create magickal changes in your life. Using the principles of Law of Attraction, we teach you various white spells to banish hurdles and create positive changes.

Course curriculum:

1. Psychic protection

2. Dedicating your Tarot Deck

3. Tarot Spells

4. Magickal potions

5. Creating Charms and Talismans

6. Spell Bottles

7. Candle rituals


4.) Angel Healing:

Our Angels can offer messages and healing to support and guide us through difficult times. By learning to connect with your guiding angels and understand the divine messages one can make their life journey easy. So whether you are facing difficulties in your relationship, are struggling with your career or finances, or perhaps you just need peace of mind on a certain situation, Angels can help.

Course curriculum:

1. Who or What Are Angels?

2. The Angelic Choirs

3. Kabbalah Tree of Life

4. The Four Watchtower Angels

5. How The Angels connect and help humans

6. The Angel / Oracle Cards

7. The Angel Board

8. The Angel Number sequences

9. Connecting with your Guardian angel – Meditation

10. Crystals & The Angels

11. Earth Angels

12. Step by Step Angel Healing therapy session

13. Invoking the Angels for Spiritual Safety, Chord cutting, protection and healing etc.

14. The Angelic prayers


5.) Numerology:

The study of numbers in our life is called Numerology. In other words an event or any occurrence in one’s life can be studied and understood by the numbers associated with a person.

Course curriculum:

1. Introduction – What is Numerology

2. Impact of Numbers

3. Impact of Missing Numbers

4. Destiny Numbers

5. Master Destiny Numbers

6. Day of Birth

7. Karmic No.

8. Future Trend

9. The Arrows

10. Compatibility

11. Signature Correction

12. Mobile number correction

13. Significance & Meaning of each Alphabet

14. Year of Marriage

15. Lucky Gems

16. Lucky Colours

17. Lucky Jobs

18. Numerology & Health Problems

19. Auspicious Day

20. Remedies of missing number & Pyra Card


6.) Reiki:

An ancient healing practice, directed to naturally heal and recover all aspects of our lives. Also called as energy healing, it uses the inherent healing power we all have, within ourselves, to stimulate the flow of energy in our body.

Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 combined:

1. What is Reiki

2. Origin & History of Reiki

3. Journey of Reiki

4. Reiki Principles

5. Understanding Human Aura,

6. Aura scanning, cleansing and charging

7. Chakra System

8. Major, Minor Chakras and Meridians

9. Chakras and their association with Human body on various levels

* Reiki Symbols

* Power symbol

* Mental – Emotional symbol

* Distance Symbol

10. Uses of Reiki symbols

11. Techniques to prepare for your Reiki session

12. Mock Healing Session

13. 24 days self healing technique

14. Seven Chakra Healing Technique

15. Reiki Ethics and wrapping up a complete Reiki session with your client with a follow up

Reiki Level 3 (A) and (B):

16. Reiki Master Symbol and Attunement

17. How to perform group healing

18. Animal Reiki

19. Reiki for diseases

20. Using Crystals for healing with Reiki

21. Space Cleansing, Charging and Protection

22. Sending healing to past or future events

23. Charging various objects

24. Reiki wish box

25. Reiki grid healing

26. Additional Karuna Reiki symbols


7.) Aura Healing & Crystal Healing:

Our Aura defines us and is an energetic blueprint of our health, well-being and character. This course will teach you not only how to see the Aura, but also to interpret what you see.  You will learn the techniques required for viewing the 7 Auric Layers and for understanding the meaning of the colors and shapes seen.

1. Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. A crystal therapist will place healing crystals on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy.

2. Understand what is Aura?

3. Be able to view the 7 layers of the Aura

4. Understand what each layer is responsible for

5. Learn how to prepare personal space and yourself before viewing the aura

6. Understand the importance of grounding 

7. View your own aura

8. View the aura of others

9. Understand and interpret the colours and shapes within the aura

10. What are Crystals?

11. Understanding 11 different Crystals and their properties

12. Benefits of Crystal Healing

13. How to use Crystal for Healing your body and space

14. How to Cleanse, Charge and protect your Crystals

15. Crystal Charms and Talismans

At the end of the course you will be able to view, understand, cleanse and charge the aura of self and your clients.


8.) Astrology:

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian Science which explains Planetary Motions and Positions with respect to Time and their Effects on Humans and Other Entities on Earth. Vedic Astrology can be traced Thousands of years back. According to Vedic Astrology in India, celestial bodies, be it the Sun, The Moon, The Planets or stars, influence the Terrestrial Phenomena, or indicate such Phenomena by their various Configurations. The Configurations of the Planets and Stars at the moment of Birth determines one’s basic Life Story Inclinations, Characteristics, strengths, Weaknesses. Horoscope, or the Natal Chart, is therefore the Construction of the Basic placement of Planets at the time of Birth. That is why it is termed as a Janam-Patri in Indian Vedic Astrology. By studying the Janam PAtri of a person one can identify a future course of action in order to achieve success easily.

Course curriculum:

1. Horoscope & Houses

2. Signification of Houses & their Characteristics

3. Planets & Their Characteristics

4. Zodiac Sign & their Characteristics

5. Astronomy

6. Dashafal

7. Divisional Charts

8. Planets in Different Houses Prediction

9. Yogas

10. Sade Sati, Mangalik, Kaal Sarp yog & Remedies

11. Transit

12. Kundali Milan

13. Namkaran

14. Muhurat

15. Remedies – Gemstones, Daan, Jaap, Rudraksha

At the end of the course you will be able to view, understand, cleanse and charge the aura of self and your clients.


Dr. Ruchi Rastogi is the Founder & Director of Bblessed School of Occult Sciences, where she teaches students of all ages and backgrounds the healing power of Tarot Cards, Vaastu, Astrology, Numerology and various healing modalities.

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