Tarot Cards – Myths Busted

Myth: One should never buy their own Tarot Cards. One should use tarot cards that are gifted by somebody.

Fact: The first ever deck of tarot cards should be bought by oneself. The tarot cards connect with our unconscious mind. It is, only after an attraction is established and they connect with our unconscious, that we are able to use them. Therefore, it is imperative that we should choose and buy the right deck for ourselves, after selecting from numerous tarot cards, readily available in the market.

Myth: Pregnant women should not do tarot card reading.

Fact: Reading tarot cards do not bring any negativity. It is exactly the same as visiting a doctor (for an ailment) or a counsellor for counselling. On the other hand, reading of tarot cards is not advisable for a pregnant woman if she is involved in someone’s healing process or in providing certain remedial measures, wherein she is engaging her own energy in the process. Providing remedies like massage or aromatherapy, may also affect her physical health.

Myth: Doing tarot card readings bring negativity. OR (Reading of tarot cards bring negativity)

Fact: Reading of tarot cards does not engage our own energy system. It is synonymous to visiting a doctor for an ailment or a counsellor for any counselling wherein a tarot card reader is only providing guidelines to the other person or the patient or the client as to what the person should do in order to be able to deal with that problem. As long as the reader is not choosing to provide any kind of healing or any remedial measures involving his or her energy, it is absolutely safe.

Myth: One cannot read Tarot cards for themselves.

Fact: At times when one is upset or hurt emotionally and mentally, one may feel that he or she is lacking the logical reasoning to interpret the cards in an unbiased way. These are the times, when one should avoid doing the tarot card reading for themselves. However, if we feel, we our equipped with the mental and emotional strength to interpret the cards objectively and accept the interpretation of the cards with an unbiased mind, then one can indeed do the readings. (One only has to be disconnected with the thoughts and the outcome, which the cards are showing.)

Myth: Tarot card reading is a science.

Fact: Science is defined as knowledge of the natural world or any particular subject, where the subject is studied in a systematic way and is learned through and supported by experiments and observation. The scientists’ communities dismiss this myth, and they say that tarot does not have any studies to support its behavior or interpretation. In fact, the principles, behavior and interpretation of tarot cards are driven from psychology. This fact also finds support in the famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung. He studied tarot and stated that tarot cards are more of a psychoanalytical tool than a science based on experiments and observation. According to him, they are based on symbolism. These symbols connect with the patterns, that are formed in our unconscious mind through our behaviours, behaviour of others in our surroundings and our own observation of our environment. Once formed, these patterns are recorded in our minds in the form of symbols, colours and imagery.

Myth: Tarot card reading is a dark art or a part of dark magic which brings along dark sciences or spirits, when you do it.

Fact: Tarot card reading is a part of Vica, a practice, predominantly followed in Christianity. (The people who follow witchcraft, practice vice also called as witchcraft)-cant understand this line). They worship nature, follow certain rituals and cast spells as a part of witchcraft. However, this fact alone does not make tarot card reading a part of dark magic . This fact can be supported by citing the examples of certain rituals, that our followed in our religion, Hinduism or in Islamic religion for that matter and are also used in dark magic. Let us take the example of nimbu-mirchi, in our Hindu religion. They are not only food ingredients but their combination strung together in a particular way is hung outside our businesses to ward off evil eye. So, on the one hand, nimbu-mirchi is used in cooking and as a part of white magic to bring positivity and good luck, on the other hand same ingredients is used in the practice of dark art also. This fact speaks volumes about the intent and design of the person using the same ingredients to fulfil different goals. A person can use it as a part of white magic to bring good luck and another person’s objective may be, to use it as catalyst to perform dark magic to bring harm to others.
Similarly, tarot cards can be used for a spiritual purpose, to guide and counsel people and it can also be misused to cast dark spells or perform black magic.
So, tarot in itself is not dark or does not involve any dark energy. It is the intention of the person who is using it as a tool that makes it dark or ??