The Indian Folktale Tarot is based on the stories of Indian mythological and historical characters, which have emerged from our Vedic system as well as famous folktales and historical books.

The cards in the deck are conceptualized on the age old pattern of Tarot cards, where the major Arcana are the Archetypes and are highly influenced by the characters and their famous stories, the minor arcana focuses on the various aspects of our lives influenced by Astrology, Numerology and the Five Elements of nature. Every single card of the deck is compiled keeping in mind the Indian symbolism and its rich culture.


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Life Coaching


1.) Tarot Card Reading:

An age old practice of counselling (guiding) a seeker to choose a path. It completely relies on seeker’s own intuition/subconscious to draw out cards that connect with his/her mind and spirit. A reading does not necessarily predict future but it empowers the seeker to peer into his soul and create awareness of his inner self, enabling him to make enlightened choices in life.

Course curriculum:

1. Introduction to Tarot Cards & Its Uses

2. History & Journey of Tarot Cards

3. How does Tarot work?

4. Structure & Classification of Tarot Cards

2.) Tarot Card Reading Advanced:

This course is designed to help you delve deeper in your Tarot journey where you will learn the different dimensions of Tarot in relation with Vedic Astrology, Numerology and much more.

Course curriculum:

1. Tarot cards, their origin, history and journey

2. How tarot works.

3. Tarot Cards and their connection with Five elements and Chakras

4. Symbolism and Colours in Tarot cards

5. Tarot Myths & Facts

6. Major Arcana – Indian Folklores and Shlokas

3.) Magickal Tarot:

This course teaches you about the power of manifestation by using your Tarot cards and simple kitchen items to create magickal changes in your life. Using the principles of Law of Attraction, we teach you various white spells to banish hurdles and create positive changes.

Course curriculum:

1. Psychic protection

2. Dedicating your Tarot Deck

3. Tarot Spells

4. Magickal potions

5. Creating Charms and Talismans